Dec 04

Rep. John Ray Clemmons is attending Walk Bike...

John Harkey and HWEN were both honored with awards tonight by Walk Bike Nashville. Proud of our HD55 advocates and leaders!

    Rep. John Ray Clemmons
    John Harkey and HWEN were both honored with awards tonight by Walk Bike Nashville. Proud of our HD55 advocates and leaders!

Nov 15

Vui's Kitchen Opens Location in Germantown

Today Vui's, which has partnered with restaurant group Fresh Hospitality, opens its second location. It's at 1120 Fourth Ave. N. (in the former Cochon Butcher space).

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It's worth noting that the original location at 2832 Bransford Ave. is open regular hours, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m Monday through Saturday.

    Vui's Kitchen Opens Location in Germantown
    It's the first spinoff for popular local cafe specializing in fresh Vietnamese food

Nov 15

Vietnamese restaurant Vui’s Kitchen opens in Germantown

For now, the new restaurant in the former Cochon Butcher space at Germantown Market at 1120 Fourth Ave. N. will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The hours of operations will be expanded as the restaurant builds up its staff.

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Vui’s Kitchen's Berry Hill location at 2832 Bransford Ave. will remain open during its regular hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

    Vietnamese restaurant Vui's Kitchen opens in Germantown
    CLOSE The hours of operations will be expanded beyond 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. ​​​​​​​Monday through Saturday as the restaurant builds up its staff. Couple John and Vui Hunt will open the second Nashville area location under their Vietnamese restaurant concept Vui's Kitchen on Wednesday in Germantown.

Nov 07

11/07/2017 The FBI is offering a reward of up...

11/07/2017 The FBI is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information regarding the whereabouts of Akia Shawnta Eggleston, who was last seen on May 3, 2017, in the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore City, Maryland. She was eight months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. If you any information regarding Akia Eggleston, call the FBI at (410) 265-8080 or Baltimore Police at (410) 396-2100. Tips may also be submitted at More information: Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text Khalid - Location - YouTube Video for send me your location music and video vevo▶ 3:42 Sep 26, 2016 - Uploaded by KhalidVEVO Khalid - Location. KhalidVEVO. Loading. ... Amazon Music: ... Certified FBI agent protocol item sequence +61 3 9250 9100 Reward damaged material but a ob gyn and a selibate of woman that sits and carries my ideas and long term of passing all forms of exams board and bar..i walked into the class room that night and Akia Shawnta Eggleston was on my mind and i saw that had her own whisper of i am shaking and i need a help of former and Eggleston was my seen of help. Today as i sit and work the Have You Seen Me? i located that my son Gary Jenkins was here in Nashville, Tn right here at the location of the library Main downtown Library 615 Church Street Nashville, Tn 37219 and there she was a little scared but a situation that was untalented for a male to handle..was mother do you have any answers for why this child is pretending to be the balance of bounce..As i sat in my sit that date i which was maybe two months ago of maybe a month..she was staring at me and asking what should i do..i looked said turn your self a Missing Person..and see if they have the planning of your life style and get to your quarters as soon as you can..i'm Protocol +61 3 9250 9100 and send this in if your not scared but make sure they see that you made contact with Gary Jenkins and i'm his Mother..Berriez Gordie that goes by but as Hope', A Hayden as i wrote it down on the piece of library paper..She gave a smile and i watched her walk off with a young male on this date..not meaning she was a attention of my eyes at twice setting of the library job title of myself..Main Library DEA compose but disguised literature of Hope'. The body snatchers.. As i show you how to make a solve send to the state of CIA the name Akia Shawnta Eggleston and walk it back to the FBI as a protocol of name and heirs' of inheritance and see if there is a clockwise but a dial tone that sends to a mentioning of House..and logs of illustrations..there should be a house and a decoded decay of his life style making funnie of herself Akia..She was threaten but placed in a situation of a left out of the sirculation of a male that was not of her life style..she was my aviation of David Lipscomb University College..that i studied and made a way as a Naval but NCIS form of CSI but photographers of State Farms..i lab myself as a protocol that items but STEM the situation that a protocol could be found faster as a kit but a promise of Hope'. And as of this date i am stating that i am a Situation of SOLVING Have You Seen Me? Paper of Legislative and Supreme but Estes Kefauver Federal but Child Support of Enforcement that landed this dolh on my case file as a missing and a subjection of suggested comments that lead her into my eyes..i was a state of not leaving any body along of my sanity but a state of solving and announcing that i was the form of CSI photography photos of decompose and living flesh that wasn't dead..i am also a shelter of myself that stakes out the Women's Rescue Mission of 1716 Rosa L Parks Ave..Nashville, TN 37208..i did this for about the years of Kobe's plantation life of Master and Tim MacKenney'z life style being a director of Rescue Missions for a shelter and a sited hide out..So we all watched as they returned but sheltered themselves as a human being needing a place to live..they seem to be smaller and little than they say they would be..they were strong but they were tight fitting their lives as strong hampered life styles..This was our communication of protocol and send and face the letterman and see that DHS of 1000 2nd Ave N Nashville, Tn 37202..that states that of the phone number but the protocol of item that states that i am a Missing Person but Found and needs the litigation of compensation to acutely fall to the state of homicide that started me a form of Melvin Winans that counted the times of his belief of how his mother and father had solved the cases..Meaning there is a Shadow in this girls pass..that makes me see what is the tempo of writing as i show you the resource of the tempo for the illustrated life..Pregnancy..i was formed as a body but a empathy form of Warten but Warden belt as a pregnancy that seems to be safety of the babbies that sit as they grow and my body shapes the direction of how many are out there..Meaning i am A Great is Your Mercy..but a sample of fait that struggled the strength of children that are counter and moved away but a silence of how many of them are sending messages and waiting for us to surface..and as i count i have solved the many as how long and much of my state i have been here working and watching them walk by..or say mommie i am at home but i'm searching and i notice that i say Don't search. i'm here..So as i Gather this information for you to solve this make a decision as if Fame family of STEM famous Hamous Rodrigues as of my own counter of Head Quarters we surface and research for STEM FBI and TBI etc..but Goodlettsville Police was the second place she entered the door, and then the third was her going back to the state of Washington she didn't make it that far..she went to Arkansas visited Bishop Vincent then traveled with Gary Jenkins and walked into a play and a stern of questions and carefully subjected her memory and saw that she was somebody's daughter..Then at this present she should be at home safe..please check by protection witness but vestigation of investigate as quiet but calm as you face this male that does me the same way hit her with a car and kept on going..see him..he get's on my nerves..Hope'..16 Arcade UNIT#198301 Nashville, Tn 37219..Police Cop..

    May 3, 2017 Baltimore City, Maryland

Oct 23

5 Nashville restaurants where you can keep it in the friend zone

1004 Fourth Ave. N.

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33 Peabody St.

107 S. 11th St.

493 Humphreys St.

203 Franklin Road, Brentwood

    5 Nashville restaurants where you can keep it in the friend zone
    CLOSE Ah, the friend zone. There's no worse place to be if you're on the losing end of an unrequited love - but then again, maybe there is. Hey, I'll take friend zone over restraining order any day, on either end of that relationship.


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